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Why should I get my make-up done by a professional? 
You've been planning your wedding day for a while. You've paid thousands for a fabulous photographer, a beautiful dress and all your family and friends will be there. Why wouldn't you complete the picture with the professional make-up. A make-up artist can really add the finishing touch to your photos. Beautiful skin, gorgeous eyes and glossy lips. Your photos are what you have to remember your day, so make sure you look your best! The products a professional makeup artist uses are rarely consumer-based products. They are designed for longevity.

How soon before my wedding should I have a trial?
I recommend at least 6 months before, earlier if you like to be well organised. A trial is to make sure you're happy with the artist's work and to create the look you want to have on the day. If you leave a trial to right before your wedding, you may find it difficult to find a new artist if you're not happy with the trial. 

Are you a mobile service and do you charge a travel fee?
I come to your location on the wedding day. Weddings from Kiama to Stanwell Park do not incur a travel fee. Destinations out of this area may have a travel fee depending on make-up numbers and distance required to travel.  The travel is calculated based on the travel time to and from the destination.

What do I need for touch ups on the day?
Your lips will need touching up so make sure you have a gloss or lipstick. There are some great lip stains around.  You will also need to powder so you donít look shiny in your photos. Everyone perspires to some degree and no make-up brand stops you from getting shiny all day.  You need a powder which is colourless. Look for products that say translucent or blot powder. MAC have great pressed blot powders. Go online or visit one of the counters and grab one for yourself.

Does my make-up have to be heavy for photos? 
Heavy or thick make-up is definitely NOT needed. People are under the misconception that because heavy make-up is applied at some glamour studios that this is what is required on your wedding day. This is not true. Natural looking make-up is all that is needed to have you looking fabulous in your photos. The right products will give you the coverage you need without the look or feel of heavy make-up.  It is the quality of the products used that make your makeup last all day, not how heavily it is applied.

Do I have to book a trial?
No, it is not essential have to have a trial. I have done many weddings where the bride has opted to skip a trial. Itís entirely up to you.

Is there a minimum number of people you travel for?
For weddings from Kiama to Stanwell Park there is no minimum, I will travel for one person. If you are outside this area please call or email me so we can discuss your needs. I can do as many make-ups as you require, so long as we have the time. I have often completed 9-10 make-ups when guests would want theirs done before or after the bridal party.​

What products do you use?
My kit is predominantly MAC. I worked for MAC for over 4 years.  I also use elemenTwo, Cinema Secrets, Inglot, NARS, Martin Bray and Makeup Forever to name just a few.   ​

How do I secure a booking with you?
There is a $100 (non-refundable) booking fee that needs to be paid to secure your wedding date.  Once this deposit is paid your date and times are then secured with me. The $100 gets deducted from your quote and the balance is to be paid on the wedding day.  If you cancel your booking anytime prior to you wedding day the booking fee is forfited.  Please make sure you have read booking terms and conditions as paying the booking fee means you agree to the terms and conditions.

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