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Terms and Conditions
Please read the info below carefully.  Payment of your booking fee constitutes your agreement to the following terms and conditions.

Booking Fee
Payment of your booking fee confirms your booking. If a deposit is not received, your date and times will not be held for you. All deposits paid are non refundable and not transferable. The amount of the deposit is subtracted from the balance owing on the wedding day. In the unlikely event I have to cancel your booking after you have paid a deposit, I will make my best endeavours to find a replacement make-up artist for you and will promptly refund your deposit in full.

Wedding Day Payments
Payment can be by cash or direct deposit. Cash payments need to be paid on the wedding day.  If payment is via direct deposit, all funds MUST be received in my account by the last business day before the wedding date.  Please use your name and wedding date as the reference.

Travel Fee and Other Charges
A travel fee is applicable when traveling outside of the Illawarra for less than 5 make-ups. This fee is calculated on an hourly rate of $75 per hour. The travel fee is applicable to the travel to and from your location. The Illawarra is from Kiama to Stanwell Park.

Should the number of make-ups decrease from your original booking (for weddings NOT in the Illawarra) you will only incur a fee if numbers have fallen below 5. Please advise me if the number of makeups required increases from your booking as I often have other bookings and may not always be able to change the times we had agreed upon.

I do not charge for travel or have a minimum number requirement within the Illawarra. 
There is a $80 early start fee for bookings starting before 6am.
Where there are bookings scheduled on a public holiday a 20% surcharge applies.

Hair and Make-Up Bookings

If I have organised your hair trial, once you have met with your hairdresser your booking for hair styling is directly with them, not with me.  Only the makeup booking is directly with me. You will be given contact details for each of us, and further communication regarding hair must be with the hairdresser and makeup with me. I cannot accept a cancellation on behalf of the hairdresser, nor can she for me. We are separate businesses that often work together, but you are in no way obligated to have  both services.

I am not responsible under any circumstances, for allergic reactions to products used. The onus is on the client to notify me beforehand if you know that you have a particular sensitivity. If you’d like to bring your own makeup products that you are familiar with, I will be happy to use your products.

Safeguard Procedure
As a safeguard, I ask that you contact me (preferebly via email or SMS) to reconfirm your final wedding details on the Monday before your wedding. The reason for this is that while I have never missed, forgotten, lost the address or not turned up for a booked wedding, even when the venue or time was changed unexpectedly at the last minute, I never want there to be a first time.

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